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Here at Cucina, we strive towards creating a consistently comfortable and enjoyable environment, in which you can appreciate Oamaru’s finest fare with your friends and family. We believe in supporting local business, in which incorporates fresh produce. Our intention is to create a restaurant filled with great food, beer and wine, and most importantly, enjoyable times, wherein maintaining a high standard of integrity.  

Seasonal food


Yanina & Pablo Tacchini

Embarking on a journey that started with a love for New Zealand, Yanina & Pablo Tacchini’s story is one of passion and dedication. What began as a holiday in 2008, became an enduring connection with Oamaru. Yanina’s previous year as an A.F.S. student in 2001 had already sown the seeds of familiarity with this enchanting town.


Their path took a new direction when an opportunity knocked – Pablo’s skill as a Chef earned him a job offer that prompted them to make Oamaru their home. Determined to craft a life here, they embraced the challenges of work and parenthood.


With the passing of time, their family grew to include two more children, inspiring them to transform their love for food into something even more remarkable. Thus, the idea of their own restaurant took shape, reflecting the blend of South American heritage and Italian & Spanish ancestry that defines them. This unique fusion results in culinary experiences that tantalize taste buds and captivate hearts.


Fast forward to today – after over 6 years of success with Cucina restaurant and Tees St cafe, Yanina & Pablo’s culinary adventure continues to evolve. Del Mar eatery, their latest creation nestled by the waterfront in Oamaru, marks the newest chapter. A haven for families, this eatery offers stone-based pizzas, homemade gelatos, burgers, and a symphony of seafood.


Yanina & Pablo Tacchini’s journey is a testament to the magic that happens when passion meets opportunity, flavors blend cultures, and a love for a place becomes a thriving legacy.

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